Be Proud and Show Off

RSVP of Lake County is changing the current award system used for recognizing volunteer accomplishments. In the past we have honored volunteers with mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, pins, plaques, flashlights to show gratitude for hours and years of service.

The problem is volunteers are not able to show-off their volunteer accomplishments with these items. We want you to be proud of your volunteer efforts and wear them with pride! After long discussion and review, the RSVP Advisory Council and staff has developed a new standard for volunteer recognition awards. No more plaques to collect dust or coffee mugs to add to your collection. RSVP will now use specialty recognition pins that will attach to a pin badge, with a volunteer neck lanyard and name tag. This will identify you as an RSVP volunteer and the pin badge will display special pins acknowledging volunteer hours of service and years of service. This lanyard and nametag duo are interchangeable with other nametags as well. It will be optional for you to wear them, but it is our intention that you will wear it while volunteering if the site allows.

The lanyards, nametags and pin badges will be distributed at the Annual Volunteer Recognition on September 15, 2010. If you are unable to attend this event, RSVP staff will be at the Great Lakes Mall food court on Wednesday, September 22 and Tuesday, October 5 from 11 am – 1 pm to receive your new lanyard and nametag. The pins for years of service and for hours of service will be mailed directly to your home – no more picking up your item at the RSVP office!

We are very excited to make RSVP volunteer accomplishments more visible to the community in which we serve to spread the word about all the positive contributions RSVP volunteers make to Lake County. So wear your badge with pride and help spread the word that volunteering is rewarding in every part of your life.

To view large picture of the award pins, please click here