RSVP Volunteer Insurance, What does it cover?

RSVP provides volunteer insurance at NO COST to the volunteer or non-profit agency it is assisting. The insurance is provided by CIMA Companies, Inc. Summary of coverage includes Excess Accident Medical Coverage, Excess Volunteer Liability Insurance, and Excess Automobile Liability Coverage.

What does all of this mean in insurance language? Basically it covers out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred by a volunteer from an injury, or if a volunteer injures another person, it covers their out-of-pocket medical expenses. For example, if Mrs. Jones is volunteering and trips over a chair which causes her extensive damage to her teeth, and she has no dental insurance, then the RSVP CIMA insurance would reimburse Mrs. Jones for her dental expenses up to a certain amount. Each insurance reimbursement has a maximum level.

Commonly asked questions about the RSVP CIMA insurance coverage:

  • My car was damaged in an accident while I was volunteering; will you cover my deductible for the repairs? NO. The coverage is for liability claims only. There is no coverage for damage to your car.
  • Medicare says that your insurance should pay first. What should I do? CIMA coverage is specifically excess over Medicare. Call the RSVP office and they will put you in touch with CIMA for assistance.
  • I see that the policy provides excess protection if I cause bodily injury or property damage. What if there is an allegation of sexual misconduct or sexual abuse? The policy does not provide protection in the event of a criminal proceeding, but it may provide protection in the event of a civil proceeding.
  • How do I file a claim? For any type of claim, you first need to report the incident to the RSVP office. Even if you don’t think you will have medical expenses, it is important to report the accident anyway. RSVP has specific forms that need to be completed ASAP and filed with CIMA. DO NOT WAIT FOR MEDICAL BILLS. Keep a copy of all records and submit your bills to Medicare or any other existing insurance first. Once you have their “Explanation of Benefits: form, send those to RSVP.

    RSVP has copies of the CIMA insurance brochure and claim forms on file. You may also utilize the CIMA Insurance link below and search under Volunteer Coverage for information and forms. LINK TO CIMA -