There are lots of reasons to volunteer with RSVP

You remember what it was like when your kids were young: if you wanted anything to happen, you volunteered, and often it was like a second job.

Today, you have the freedom to --
Choose where you volunteer
Choose when you volunteer
Choose who you volunteer with

Bottom line: There is no need to sacrifice your life if you want to be of service to your community and its citizens! There's plenty of volunteer opportunities in Lake County to do on your schedule and with your interests.

But there are more benefits --

  • Learn new skills
  • Perhaps train for a new career, starting with volunteering
  • Unemployed? Keep gaps out of your resume and learn new skills and make new contacts
  • Meet new people with similar interests
  • Keep your professional skills sharp
    And, studies show that people who volunteer have better health – both physical and emotional.
  • Most of all, you get that good feeling of helping others.

Sound good? Click here to start!